Mirrorcraft Supplies
Mirrorcraft® Craft Kits and Mirrorcraft® Supplies

Mirrorcraft® Craft Kits and Mirrorcraft® Supplies

Mermaid Mirror with etched glass dolphins The Craft of 21st century!   Create your own custom mirrors with an eraser! It sounds easy – it is.  No need for expensive machinery and heaps of equipment, you can now make a custom mirror the Mirrorcraft® way by  rubbing out any shape you want from the back of a mirror. 

You can paint it, use fabrics, holograms, pictures photos anything YOU like inside of your mirror. Frame your custom mirror; place it on a stand or in a scrapbook page. 

Create custom mirror wall tiles; mirror mosaics.  Your mirror can even glow in the dark!  It is fun and it is easy.  

Aussie Gifts and Crafts is the official supplier of Mirrorcraft kits and Supplies. 

Buy a simple kit to get started on your first project. 

These make elegant photo displays.  Choose your own colors used for decorative lines and position the etched glass decals wherever you choose



Oval & Plaque ProjectBeginner mirror cat decalsFor your first project learn to take out basic shapes and lines with a kit from the FAMILY COLLECTION.  Your kit will have a stencil with a rounded rectangle and decorative lines. Etched glass decals are included for embellishment.  If you would prefer to start with an oval select the pet mirror pictured right.  Your kit will include both a bone shaped plaque and a rectangular plaque.    

Have a sneak preview of Mirrorcraft.  It is a fun craft and easy to do.  Have a look at the step by step instructions which can be viewed and downloaded free of charge.  

The same book in larger file size is available for purchase in the products below.

Download Free E Book Especially for Dogs

Mirrorcraft® is a unique Australian Craft, for ages 8 and upwards.  Mirrorcraft was invented and developed in Australia and has been seen on television in Australia, New Zealand and America.



Mirrors used for Mirrorcraft are available in four sizes but only the two smaller sizes are displayed on the web.  If you would like something larger for your project Email us for a price. 



Design by Evelyne Collins Photo & 3D Flower in rectangeMirrorcraft Stencils ane cut from a durable vinyl.  They will define any shape you would like in your mirror.  Use our pre-cut shapes or cut your own.  Anything you would like to see inside a mirror, you simply start with that shape in vinyl.

Vinyl packs are available in Mirrorcraft Materials. 

The mirror right was made using a rectangular stencil with border to remove the shape from the mirror backing. The photo has been cut and mounted on embelished card and then placed on the back of the mirror so it shows through the rectangle. 

This was made by Evelyne Collins using an 8x10" mirror and medium size rectangular stencil.

Click on links of individual stencils for more information

Why buy your Mirrorcraft Products from AussieGiftsAndCrafts.com?
Quality Mirrorcraft Kits sold on Aussie Gifts And Crafts have been developed in Australia.  Major components are manufactured in Australia by Java Rose International Pty Ltd.  Aussie Gifts And Crafts is the only authorized retail outlet for Mirrorcraft Products.
Service All Mirrorcraft products purchased from AussieGiftsAndCrafts.com are dispatched direct from Australia to each customer.  We provide illustrated instructions for basic Mirrorcraft to all customers and potential customers which can be downloaded free of charge.  Customers purchasing Mirrorcraft Products from Aussie Gifts And Crafts have access to Mirrorcraft’s help line if they require any assistance in completing a project.
Variety AussieGiftsAndCrafts.Com offers a variety of unique concepts and designs.
Security AussieGiftsAndCrafts.com provides hassle free secured shopping with SSL encryption on all transactions, making your purchase safe and secure
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