Decorative Mirrors and Mirror Photo Frames
Use Mirror as a Stylish Photo Frame

Use Mirror as a Stylish Photo Frame

Mirror photo frame displaying Baby photo in an oval, blue crystal etch border and blue teddyDecorative mirrors are an elegant way to display photographs by framing a photo with a mirror surround.  Additional artwork can be combined with a photograph  to create a  theme.  Mirrors can be custom made to order with corner silhuettes of people, pets, cars and more.

 Almost anything that can be framed can be placed inside of mirror for a decorative effect.  Custom mirrors can have artwork glow in the dark and many other effects.  Mirrors are not massed produced. 

Each is individually made with artwork effects.  Customers can choose border finishes for photos, have names added and have items gift boxed.  Remember to select options by clicking on more information.

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