Custom Mirrors


Welcome to Mirror Concepts!

Aussie Gifts and Crafts are pleased to present Mirror Concepts.  With Mirror Concepts we place YOUR Photos into Mirror. Mirror Concepts resident Mirror Artist has had more than 20 years experience in crafting custom mirrors for business and individuals. 

 One off and small runs are no problem.  If you have something special you would like to see in mirror contact us for a quote. Custom Mirrors are priced from $39.00.   

Limited Editions can be made and individually numbered in the artwork.

Custom MirrorsMirror Concepts - the Home of Custom Mirrors.

Custom Mirrors are excellent for awards and presentations, giftware, 21st presents, merchandising etc. 

For companies a logo can be placed inside of the mirror to enhance corporate image in reception areas or as corporate gifts. 

Let us create something really awesome for you in mirror starting with your photograph! 

What we need from you - A good quality photograph printed, on disk or emailed (if printed or on disk we will return this to you) Our pricing includes mirror and all materials used.  Mirrors are completed using a simple frame.  Our set up costs and mirror price varies with the amount of detail.   Set up is for 1st mirror only.

Each Personalised mirror is made individually in Australia.

Price Ranges - 8x10 mirror - Set up between $10.00 and $30.00.  Mirror price $39.00 to $49.00.

11x14" mirror - Set up $10.00 to $49.00.  Mirror price $59.00 to $89.00

16x20" Mirror  - Set up $10.00 to $59.00. Mirror price $139.00 to $195.00


 16x20" Corvette

 16 x 20" Hellraiser

 Photograph of

 16 x 20" Impala


 16 x 20" Memorial

 8X10 Cameo

 Custom Mirror

 Custom Mirror


 Custom Mirror

 for Memorial

 Custom Mirror

 Custom Mirror

Email your photo to  for a quote or phone 61 7 3886 9465

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