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Etched Decal Sheets - Dolphin

Etched Decal Sheets - Dolphin

Etched Decal Sheets - Dolphin
Soap Dispenser with marine decals
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Etched glass marine decals are an excellent compliment to any marine theme. Marine etched glass decals can be used in the bathroom, on soap holders, brushes, mirrors, and wall tiles.

These decals with dolphins can be combined with etched glass wording decals to create unique custom gifts. Etched glass decals are an excellent addition to party decorations for glassware. Use on glasses, doors, windows, bowls, candle holders, anywhere an etched glass effect is desired. Available in Crystal Etch which has a slight sparkle and glass etch has a more frosted appearance.

To apply lift etched decal off of the backing paper and position onto any object where an etched effect is desired. These effects are so easy to use that anyone can instantly create there own custom glassware. Custom etched decals including logos and wording can be made to order. All etched glass decals are manufactured in Australia by Java Rose International Pty Ltd. Sheets size approx 90mm x 150mm
Features Benefits
Decals are self adhesive No glues or other chemicals required
Pack includes free adhesive transfer paper Use with larger designs to lift off of the backing paper and position onto glassware with ease
Removable No need to buy glasses for all occasions, simply change the decals
Can be washed in dishwasher once cured Washing is easy. Decals stay on glassware and acrylics in the dishwasher
Simple to apply Children love to decorate their glasses too
Available in both Crystal etch & Glass Etch You choose the effect you are after. Crystal Etch gives a slight sparkle, more like a sand blast appearance. Glass etch gives a frosted appearance
Unique Combinations You can easily create unique gifts combining any wording with themed decals
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