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Mirrorcraft® Kit Especially for Dogs

Mirrorcraft® Kit Especially for Dogs

Mirrorcraft® Kit Especially for Dogs
Materials included with kit
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Mirrorcraft® Especially for Dogs Kit is an excellent starter kit to learn Mirrorcraft® and a fun kit for all Mirrorcrafters. This kit combines an oval shape for a photo with a bone shape for stenciling. A separate rectangular plaque is also included free of charge. Step-by-step illustrated instructions can be down loaded FREE.

This kit is an excellent learning platform to develop skills in the craft. Blank vinyl is included in the kit to add your personal touches. Cut any shapes you like to add to your design. Use craft punches, scissors or a craft knife. Etched glass decals of dog paws and bones are included with the Mirrorcraft® Especially for dog’s kit. These decals can be used on your mirror on glasses, brushes, windows, photo frames to name a few. Adhesive transfer paper is included to make positioning your etched glass decal really easy.

Each Mirrorcraft® Especially for Dogs Kit contains
• 6x4" (100x150mm) Mirrorcraft Mirror
• Vinyl stencil with oval
• Vinyl stencil with dog bone plaque
• Vinyl stencil with rectangular plaque
• Etched glass decals as pictured
• Adhesive transfer paper for etched glass decals
• Eraser sampler
• Paper towels
• Open weaves cloth
• Acid free tape
• Silver remover sachet
• Blank vinyl.
• Disposable gloves

(Some mirrors in kits may have slight marks. These can be removed when taking the shapes out of the mirror backing or covered by etched glass decals)

Additional Materials required not included – methylated spirits
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