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Mirrorcraft Mirror 8x10"

Mirrorcraft Mirror 8x10"

Mirrorcraft Mirror 8x10"
Photo frame with 3D flowerSilk Butterflies in CircleYami Yuggi by Emily 11 years
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8x10" Mirrorcraft® Mirrors are made especially for Mirrorcraft® Projects. A Mirrorcraft® mirror looks like any other mirror, but they are a little different. The backing on a mirror craft mirror can be selectively removed using an eraser and Mirrorcraft® Silver Remover (after softening with methylated sprits).

Photographs, drawings, artwork, 3D pics, memorabilia etc can be placed inside of a Mirrorcraft® Mirror after selected areas of the backing have been removed. Mirrorcraft® Mirrors are available in 6x4" and 8x10". A Mirrorcraft® Mirror has a slight bevel, is bubble wrapped and boxed. Free sachet of silver remover is included with every Mirrorcraft® Mirror.

E Book instructions are being introduced to complete a variety of projects.
Features Benefits
Mirrors are manufactured with a special backing Unique custom mirrors can be made without harsh chemicals
Edges are beveled Bevel adds an elegance to mirror. Mirror can be displayed on a stand, in a scrapbook page, as a wall tile or in a frame
Boxed and bubble wrapped Mirror can be freighted easily without damge
Silver Remover included with every mirror No need to buy a pot of Silver Remover. Enough is included to complete any project
Mirrors are machined Smooth edges enable you to work with your mirror with safety
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