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Sand Art Kit Frog Prince - Beginner

Sand Art Kit Frog Prince - Beginner

Sand Art Kit Frog Prince - Beginner
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This Frog Prince Sand Art Picture Kit is a fun sand art picture kit for beginners. Your Frog Prince picture is mounted on 2mm screen board. It is sturdy so your picture has a really solid base. A card stand is included so your completed design is easily displayed. This kit includes 7 packs of colored sand (orange, yellow, purple, red, black, green, dark blue), bamboo lifters and a color pattern is included in each kit

Sand art picture craft kits are the perfect craft kits for kids. Sand art pictures are made by using colored sand on adhesive card. Your design is cut into paper on top of the card. These cut sections are removed one piece at a time and sprinkled with sands of different colors. Sounds easy - it is.

The adhesive is already on the pre-cut card, which means No Gluing and No Mess. Just peel the picture in stages, sprinkle with coloured sand and you’re done. A perfect picture!

Beginner sand art picture craft kits have designs with large pieces. Large pieces can be easily lifted using a bamboo lifter. As with most activities adult supervision is required with younger children

For an additional $1.00 on top of your sand art kit price your sand art picture can be customized to include a name or message. This is a great option and customized sand art picture craft kits are unique to Aussie Gifts And Crafts

Simple Steps to making a sand art picture

1. Place your card on top of paper to catch the excess sand.
2. Start in the middle and slowly peel off the first area. Take care not to lift adjoining areas.
3. Now choose a colour and pour it over the sticky area. Turn the card over and tap it on the back to remove the excess sand.
****Repeat the pouring process on the same area to obtain a darker shade.
4. Peel off the next area. Pour a different colour and repeat the motion until the image is completely peeled off and coloured.
Features Benefits
Pictures are Manufactured in Australia Designs can be easily customized
Mounted on 2mm Screen board Solid backing, ensures that design never creases in transit
Card stand included in kit Finished design is easily displayed
Customized Children love to see their name on their artwork
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