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Basic Shape Stencils for Mirrorcraft 8x10"

Basic Shape Stencils for Mirrorcraft 8x10"

Basic Shape Stencils for Mirrorcraft 8x10"
Stencil on Mirror BackingBacking Paint & Silver RemovedFrame Photo with Mirror Surround
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Vinyl stencils for Mirrorcraft®. Vinyl stencils protect mirror backing while defining the shape being removed from the backing to frame artwork in mirror.

Step 1: Place a Mirrorcraft® stencil onto the back of your Mirrorcraft® Mirror
Step 2: Soften paint and rub out and remove backing paint and Silver using Mirrorcraft® Silver Remover & Eraser
Step 3: Position photo/ Artwork inside of the mirror and tape into place with acid free tape.

BASIC SHAPE STENCILS are great shapes for photos, artwork & memorabilia. Completed mirrors can be framed, displayed on a stand, used as wall tiles or in a scrapbook page.
Features Benefits
Stencil is made in a durable vinyl Easily defines shape to rub out of mirror
Vinyl is easy to cut Craft punches can be used to add additional custom designs to stencils
Shape has optional border Allows for smaller pics with border or remove border for larger pics. measurement to outer bdr
Border line for decoration Border can be decorated to compliment photo being framed with paint, hologram, paper, fabric etc
Stencil defines outline & protects mirror The area of mirror which is to remain mirror is easily protected
Most stencils can be used Portrait or landscape The same stencil can be used no matter the direction of your photo
E Books using these stencils are available Step by step instructions make the craft easy
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